Week 15: LAST Artist Interview- BFA Illustration/Animation Group Exhibition

For the last artist interview blog in our art 110 class, we had something special in store: A BFA Illustration/Animation Group Exhibition that is basically an annual show to showcase the works of all graduating BFA students. There were many different artists represented as well as many artistic styles/ideas represented. For these BFA students, it is clear that the work being presented today is their pride and joy. There were many pieces that caught my attention and having a detailed explanation about each one would do them justice, but alas, time is limited. There were some artists that came to speak to us, but the works that drew the most of my attention did not have an artist physically present to explain the creation.

One of my favorite pieces evoked strong feelings of curiosity: A colorful motorcycle helmet.


When I initially examined it, I didn’t look INSIDE the helmet. I believe that this is because the helmet was positioned to be facing the wall. Whether or not this was intentional, I do not know- I wish I did, however. Anyways, seeing a skull inside the helmet was a little surprising. Perhaps the skull alludes to some sort of motorcycle culture? Or perhaps a more stark interpretation would imply that the skull represents death, and perhaps this is hinting towards the “dangerous” aspect of motorcycles- the reason why motorcyclists are referred to as “organ donors”. These interpretations could be off, but the motorcycle helmet is eye-catching nonetheless.


The pictures above shows the work that was presented by an artist named Nathan Lewis. This was the first thing I walked to when I initially entered into the Gatov galleries. It is a milestone for me: this is the type of art that I could see myself paying cash in order to transfer ownership of the pieces to ME. The artist is emulating his passion for art and design through his works. They seem to be skateboards with intricate drawings on them. It is very aesthetically pleasing in person with GREAT detail in the drawings.

Here are other images of other works that I felt were interesting:

IMG_0126 IMG_0132 IMG_0131 IMG_0129 IMG_0136

The last artwork (picture above) definitely made me think about Vietnam. I’m fairly certain that the artist was trying to depict Ha Long Bay.