Week 14 Classmate Interview: Joseph Awadallah


Before I lose the information on this interview: A while ago, I had the great pleasure of having a chat with Joseph Awadallah. Joseph has Palestinian parents as well as family residing in Palestine. His parents are Catholic which is a reminder of the cultural diversity that exists in Palestine. This is Joseph’s first year at CSULB and he is currently an undeclared major. He lives in Cypress, which is not too far from CSULB so he is able to commute to school. Joseph also has a great interest in sports, with soccer and basketball being his favorite hobbies in general. He enjoys spending much of his free time working out at the gym, listening to music, or watching sports such as soccer/basketball/football. When inquired about a favorite food Joseph will quickly answer with something called “Upside Down”. He explained it as a mix of rice and chicken but swore that it was way more appetizing than it seems. I have never heard of the dish before so I actually had to google it…Turns out it is formally called “Maqloobeh” and it is a Palestinian dish…and it definitely is mouth-watering.

He is currently busy with a job at Papa John’s as a pizza delivery guy as well.

I enjoyed talking to Joseph Awadallah and found him to be an extremely cool dude. I wish him the best of luck at CSULB and his future endeavors outside of that.


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