Week 13 Classmate Interview: Macmaster

I interviewed Macmaster a while ago, and I found it to be one of the most interesting interviews I’ve done for this class- hell, how many people do you know with that last name? Anyways, Macmaster is currently a senior/fourth year at CSULB. So it was expected that he is a bit older than me: 22 years old, to be specific. Macmaster lives somewhere in Fresno, so he commutes to school in the same manner that I do on class days. He is currently a biology major and is looking into becoming a dentist. I applaud him for his effort in his field of study: it is certainly a demanding field and it seems like Macmaster has endured a good amount of time in his major without a desire to drop out. Let’s hope that he becomes a baller once he gets going with his Dentist career. We discussed a number of topics: even some random ones. For instance, we both agreed that we had a desire to grow beards- after all, nothing else is a bigger indicator of manhood than facial hair. His hobbies include snowboarding and working out. For his favorite foods…it seems that Macmaster is open to foods from different cultures. He states that he enjoys sushi and Mochi(dessert): these are quite popular in Japan and originate from there. Macmaster is also employed, unlike myself. He works at an Outback steak house, located in Long Beach. He does have a gripe with this particular job, however. He feels that he was born a leader and does not want to be weighed down by the demands of a boss. I can emphasize with him- “kissing ass” is what I hope to avoid in the future. I found Macmaster to be a cool dude: I wish him the best of luck in the future as he finishes up his years at CSULB.



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