Week 12 Interview Classmate: John Sayson


This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing John Sayson. John Sayson is currently in his third year of college, and he is a pre-film major. There seems to be a lot of enthusiastic film majors in this school: must be a great program! Anyways, I was surprised to hear that John Sayson actually lives near the city that I currently reside in, Artesia. John Sayson was born in Artesia but lived in Colorado for much of his childhood life. He moved back to Artesia in 2005. He also shares a number of similarities with myself: For instance, John Sayson was first attracted to this art 110 class after deciding to finish his art g.e requirement. We are also both first generation Americans born from Asian immigrants- his parents are Filipino and mine are Vietnamese, however. We both talked about hobbies and we even share a great interest in fitness and MMA. John Sayson, like myself, is currently getting into shape with weight lifting. He hopes to be proficient in boxing/jiu jitsu, which is badass. We even went to CSULB for the same basic reasons: it is convenient and close to home. Lastly, we also share a love of junk food and Korean BBQ.

John Sayson is aspiring to find his calling within the film industry. He mentioned that he would love to be a director of sorts, but feels that his GPA is weighing him down.

I honestly hope that Mr. John Sayson doesn’t give up on his dream of becoming a director. I feel that he has plenty of years left to go, and in that time I believe that anything is possible. I understand how it feels to have your dreams crushed by something as superficial as GPA. However, I strongly disagree that individual achievement can be limited by something as trivial as GPA. I wish good luck to John Sayson and hope he succeeds in following his dreams.


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