Week 12 Activity: Algorithmic Art

snowflake (3)-page-001

When I heard about Algorithmic Art, I immediately remembered about a math assignment (Algebra II Honors class) in which I had to depict Algorithmic Art, but in poster board size. I chose to do the following:

1. Start out with a circle

2. Draw two circles of equal size, each circle touching one end of the big circle

3. Repeat within the smaller circles

Anyways, this project was so memorable because my teacher deducted points from my project because I wasn’t able to cut out the circles perfectly (too many jagged edges). Depressing, isn’t it?

For this week’s Activity I wanted to do something similar, but with more than one type of shape.

1. Draw a Hexagon.

I chose to use a hexagon first and then add triangles. There are two instructions for where to add triangles:

2. Make a triangle, using each of the sides of the hexagon as a base. There should be six triangles as a result.

3. Draw a triangle, with the vertices of the base  located at the halfway points on the sides of the Hexagon.

4. DO NOT color in the area in which two triangles overlap. This is simply to make it look better.

I did not make the middle triangles long enough. My intention was that you can trace the corners of the triangles, and this would create a larger hexagon with the previous pattern on the inside. Then you can repeat all of the steps above, so that this pattern would get larger and larger.


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