Week 11 Conversation: Classmate Interview- Zhen Su


A while ago, I interviewed a cool classmate named Zhen Su. He is definitely one of the most unique individuals I’ve ever come across at Cal State Long Beach, and this is a reminder of how diverse our school campus can be. Which is something that I gladly welcome. Zhen is currently on his third semester of college at cal state long beach, and he is majoring in pre-film. Something very interesting about Su is that he lived most of his life in mainland China- he is 27 years old, which was surprising since I considered him to appear to be around the same age as myself. Anyways, Su’s hometown is called Qing Dao, which is a costal city with a big port. He told me that the close proximity to the coast makes it very similar to the city of Long Beach, so he had little trouble adjusting to life in the United States. I discovered that Zhen Su was VERY busy in his younger years and did was very passionate about many aspects of art. At six years old, he started learning performance art. He also learned Chinese Classic dance until the age of 17. After this, he attended school in Bejing and studied art. That’s a lot of moving around! His hobbies include video games/computer games. He also enjoys watching movies and surfing. He also has a similar taste in food as myself: he likes spicy foods, steaks, or in-n-out when he is feeling indulgent. Obviously, English is his second language but I was shocked to hear that Zhen came to the United States without learning fluent English…I think that doing such a thing requires LOTS of courage. I would never dare to go to another country without a grasp of the native language- I’d feel alienated. Anyways, Zhen has only spend one and a half years learning English and he’s damn good at it. I couldn’t learn Spanish over the course of 4+ years, so I’m jealous of his prowess in learning new languages. We talked about families, and I told Zhen Su about my siblings, whom I don’t have a good relationship with. Zhen Su told me that he would have liked to have a brother/sister of his own, since he is an only child (due to China’s one-child policy). This caused me to appreciate the fact that I even have siblings to begin with. Zhen Su is extremely talented and has balls. I wish him good luck in whatever he chooses to do in the future.


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