Week 10: Activity…Student Choice

For this week’s activity, student are allowed to determine what content would make up their blog. I’ll be honest: I found this idea to be very liberating at first- it is basically doing whatever I want to do. However, I faced one challenge: I find myself to be an individual lacking in creativity: I am in a comfort zone when I have predetermined goals and objectives to complete. For this reason, I find myself to be more of a “spectator” rather than an artist. Hopefully I’ll find inspiration to remedy this. Anyways, for this week, I was stumped: I can’t draw, I can’t do crafts, etc, etc. My own exposure to art is a multimedia class I took (good thing I’m in art 110 now). Since I did relatively well in that class without making an abomination of my work, I will show off a piece I created from that class.

Tribute to Ronald Reagan

For this project, I was told to make a poster-thing that was centered on an influential individual. The actual size of the work is meant to be 5000×7000 pixels or something like that. Most of my classmates chose figures such as Martin Luther King or FDR. I was going to do something similar, but I felt that it was going to bland if I chose to do so. Instead, I made my work about Ronald Reagan- and yes, this deviated from most of the typical political climate at my school. It’s true that Ronald Reagan had questionable issues stemming from his presidency. However, I felt that Ronald Reagan was one of the few presidents that become vocal about limiting government rather than an expansion of government(which both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of). He also represented an era when there was much more faith in government leaders, as compared to today.


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