Week 9 Classmate Conversation

Daniela Hernandez:

One of the classmates I interviewed today was Daniela Hernandez: My first impressions of her was that she seemed very warm/friendly and somewhat talkative… I must say that I found these to be very desirable qualities. As a result, I found Daniela to be very interesting and easy to talk to. Daniela lives in Long Beach and does not live with her parents (I believe that she said that she is dorming?) Daniela is currently in her first year at CSULB like myself, and is majoring in journalism. It is very apparent that Daniela is confident in herself and is not hesitant in pursuing her passion. She seems to have her future planned out: After studying journalism, Daniela is planning to work in public relations for a fashion company, since it suits her interests very well. We eventually starting talking about our families, and I found out that Daniela has two older sisters- one of whom has moved to Santa Monica. I also have a growing distance from my own sister, so it was nice that Daniela was able to have empathy for me. Daniela spends most of her free time shopping or working out at the gym. She seems quite busy, however- she has a job at a restaurant located in the Long Beach Museum of Art as  a hostess. We also talked briefly about academics: it turns out that she was studious her high school years and had plenty of AP credit to help put herself into sophomore standing before everyone else. I asked Daniela about the craziest thing she has ever done: apparently, she has gone under her parents’ radar and made a trip to Wisconsin. She plans to pull the wool over her parents’ eyes again the next time she gets an urge to visit Wisconsin. It is also noted that she has a very pretty smile- I very much enjoyed interviewing/talking with Daniela this week.



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