Week 9 Artist Conversation: Michael Rollins


ARTIST: Michael Rollins

Located in the gatov-west AND gatov-east galleries this week was an exhibit by Michael Rollins, titled “New Digs”. The works being displayed in these galleries caught my attention because of the unique use of bright colors. They can almost be described as mesmerizing, in a sense. Michael Rollins is currently progressing along in attaining a degree for Master of Fine Arts, and this particular art exhibit is helping fulfill some of the requirements for that program. Rollins made a statement that his work tends to lead back to “visual pleasure” and “visual disruptions”. I find that this is an accurate depiction of emotions that tend to be invoked upon viewing his work. The blend of colors are visually pleasing to the eye, but the distorting blend is a sort of “disruption” in the art work. The blend and use of colors does not seem to follow a uniform structure, and this is reflected due to Rollins’s embodiment of freedom and directness in the work that he creates. The art work that he presented would fall under the category of “instinctive painting”. For me, this style of art appeals to my free spirited mind set. The work seen here is symbolic of Rollins’s personality, and it is interesting to know that art can be constructed from instinct and specific tastes/sensibilities. Upon listening to Michael Rollins speak about the specific influences on each art work, I discovered that the colors are indeed representative. Rollins says that the colors are representative of ties to the world we live in, as well as Rollins’s own personal tastes. He describes the process of making this art to be more or less “throwing paint” and then working from there. For example, the red color is representative of flesh/bodily color.

The art work itself is very interesting to behold. However, I would have really loved to see how Mr. Rollins creates one of these art pieces. I believe that the though process behind this and the actual making of these paintings would be something quite captivating to behold.


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