Week 9 Activity


For the week 9 activity there are three tasks: make a cognitive map, adopt a building, and redesign CSULB.

Cognitive Map of CSULB:



For this activity, I decided to draw my attention towards the CBA building on the CSULB campus. I’ve only had one class from this building so far (POSC 100), even though I am a business pre-accounting major. Since I am most likely to spend much of my CSULB academic life here in the future, I thought that it would be nice to know a thing or two about the actual place. Although it is not the newest-looking building on campus, (Hall of Science will have to take that accolade) i find the architecture of this building to be definitely the most unique in comparison to the rest of the CSULB infrastructure. It exhibits sharp corners and looks like a black rubik’s cube. The windows are tinted on the outside so that the people outside cannot peek in so easily. Another thing to note about this building is that it does indeed have its own computer lab. This is a privilege to have since the other department buildings are somewhat lacking decent technology that is accessible for students. However, I am not going to appreciate it that much since I already experienced the computer labs in the engineering buildings.

3. Redesign CSULB

I find that everyone loves to complain about the parking situation at CSULB. I’m guilty of this also, so I thought that a redesign of CSULB would first and foremost have to accommodate the large student body here- after all, we are largely a commuter school. My proposal would be to eliminate the fields south of the CSULB Pyramid in order to make room for a parking super structure. The new parking structure will have at least 40 levels and I think this is appropriate enough with high speed elevators or something of the sort. I would also implement retractable spikes (those spikes in the road where you can drive over them BUT WILL destroy your tires if you reverse into them- or drive towards them from the opposite direction) inside the parking structure because there are literally students that I encounter who don’t understand that the parking structure doesn’t have a two-way street. Also, excessive speed in the parking structure should result in revoking your parking permit.

The location is ideal for the business majors, of course. I look out for our most important students as usual.



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