Week 8 Conversations: Artist + Classmate

Artist: Nolan Reiter

“Nolan Reiter’s BFA show features a series of silkscreened posters highlighting his most recent work.”


Located in the Gatov East was an art exhibit that featured silk screened art. These works belonged to Nolan Reiter, who is a BFA printmaking major. Nolan has spent many years on this particular passion, utilizing his five college years (at Cal State Long Beach) as well. I felt that I was most drawn to this exhibit for this particular week because of the graphic design and the bright colors that were used. I have to say that I am not familiar with the process of making silk screen posters: I did end up looking it up myself for a more in depth analysis, and it is definitely a pain-staking process: “..A screen is made of a piece of mesh stretched over a frame. A stencil is formed by blocking off parts of the screen in the negative image of the design to be printed; that is, the open spaces are where the ink will appear on the substrate..” Anyways, the silk posters had a greater significance than to look aesthetically pleasing. Each piece gave the viewer a particular piece of information that should make them pause for a while and then leave seeing the world in a different view. My favorite piece is shown above. The title is: “4.5 miles”. Conveniently, Nolan left a small excerpt near each of his pieces so that we, the art 110 students, would not be so clueless as we stumbled around the gallery. My first initial impression was total confusion. I saw that the other silk screen posters had a figure or something that commanded more attention. This particular piece just had a bright hue of yellow, but I thought that it got my attention the fastest. It was just an oil canister. What is the big deal about that? The title is the biggest hint towards what this particular piece illustrates. The number in the title is the average distance that the inhabitants of rural Africa/Asia travel in order to gain access to clean, drinkable water. It was also noted that it weights around 45 pounds. This definitely changed my perspective on my life and life in remote countries. I just couldn’t imagine having to walk one mile for water, let alone 4.5 miles. Not only that, they have to make a return trip with a 45 pound canister? 45 pounds might not seem a lot to carry around for a fit person. However, carrying 45 pounds over a distance of 4.5 miles is a different story. I’m a runner and an “ex” judoka, and I can definitely understand the fatigue and frustration that I would experience if I had to make such a trip. I will definitely cherish my comfortable life in the good ol’ USA.

Classmate interview: Khoa Do

I interviewed Khoa Do about two weeks back, and I’m particularly glad I did so. I’m always sure to greet him when I run into him at our art 110 Thursdays, and we share laughs even though we finished this classmate interview portion some time ago.


Khoa is a fellow Viet (he actually holds the same name as my brother) and is actually from there. I find this to be interesting to me since I learn the most about my own culture from other Viets. One thing to note about Khoa is that he is very talkative. I find this to be an admirable quality as Khoa knows how to humor people and easily connects with everyone. We share a number of other things in common: we are in our first years at Cal state long beach and we commute to school. I also found out that Khoa is somewhat fond of cars like myself. As for his major, he is currently undeclared. He is conflicted between the many paths he can take in order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a success. For now, he is looking into communications or health services. I strongly believe that either one would suit him well, based on what I quickly learned about him. Let’s hope that he finds his true passion in either one of these and gets himself to a bright future. Khoa enrolled in this art 110 class for one of the same reasons I had: he wanted to view and appreciate good art. As for Khoa’s interests, he is an avid gamer, spending the bulk of his time on League of Legends. He had no shame in telling me that he plays ALL DAY. Other than gaming, Khoa enjoys sleeping (he’ll need plenty of it with that gaming habit), soccer, or football. He also has a fine taste in music, his favorite artists being Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. We share the same favorite television show: The walking dead. Khoa was fun to talk to and I look forward to interacting with him in the future.


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