Week 8 Activity: Remix Culture

Now on to your Activity for the week: try some remix! Remix anything you like. Words. Images. Audio. Video. Your remix doesn’t have to be electronic, you could also remix tapestry, sculpture, performance, or other physical or ephemeral media. Try whatever you like, and then document and discuss your activity in your blog post.

First Impressions: My only exposure to the word “remix” and the world of remix culture is very limited to just remixed songs. And personally, I find most remixed songs to be an abomination as they often change a song that was meant to sound good in the first place into something that does not appeal to the masses as readily. Such as the “screamo” versions of many popular songs. Ick. How awful. It would be nice to remix audio/video but I do not have such prowess in those areas. So I’ll bring your attention to an image I “remixed” with my own touches and effort.

202 MilesPerHour= Unlimited Smiles Per Gallon copy

The image above started out life as a REAL picture. Floating around somewhere in google images.

In case if you are wondering about my legitimacy: Yes, I made this image myself on CS3: photoshop. And it took forever. It was a project I started a while ago for my multimedia class. The CS3 program had brushes and a number of colors, so there was no reason why one shouldn’t attempt to draw with it. Our instructor gave us a degree of mercy and let us “trace” over an image. This seems easier than it actually is: I had to choose colors (impossible to completely match the original photo) and shade areas in such a way that I didn’t waste a million years working on this and still retain the great details of the photo. You also had to make multiple layers so that it is easier to work on certain parts of the picture and use elements of overlapping layers to make your job a lot easier. That way, you won’t draw over any small details you previously added. Plenty of zooming in and out to do in order to fill in small details. Plus, the brush tool is kinda stupid and has a mind of its own. You can find the original image of this depicted mid-engined plug-in electric hybrid 918 Spyder somewhere on google images, so that is why it can be perceived as a “remix” of the original work. I put my own touches into it and it looks great in my opinion. I have the original cs3 file on me, so it is great knowing how much effort I put into this particular work. Click on the image and see the detail for yourself.


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