In your Art110 Landscapes with a Corpse activity inspired by Kaoru, you imagine your departure, and create a photographic self-portrait.

Here is what my brilliance conjured up:


Here is what I think of this activity:

I feel that people are trying to make their “death scene” pictures too dramatic. Yes, yes, it is supposed to have an “artistic” sense to it. But I feel that such an element poisons the whole idea in regards to the portrayal of the nature of human death: it’s supposed to be unexpected.

Only in the most bizarre circumstances will you die a dramatic death. Nobody knows the exact moment of death, and by that time you won’t give a crap about your body position. Take my picture, for example.

No, the background is not some serene forest with leaves all over the place. It’s my office. If I were to die, then there would be a 90% probability that I would die in my office: I’m that serious about my school work, people. It’s my home, basically.

There is no lame filter BS on my picture either: it looks dark and gritty. I find that it feels authentic in a way: crime scene pictures seem very similar in nature to this.

Now let’s say that I was murdered: a murderer would attempt to hide my body under the drawers (in dismay at having killed someone as awesome as I am) in an episode of unquenchable guilt. But they would discover that my head is too big and they would just leave my body as is. Hence, this picture is an brilliant depiction, which is artistic-Picasso level thinking.


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