Week 6 Conversations(Artist + Classmate)

Artist: Alanna Marcelltti 

Located in the gatov west galleries this week was an art exhibit titled, “Thread Bared”, which quickly caught my attention.


I’ll be brutally honest: I walked into the gatov-west gallery and this particular art work (see above) immediately caught my eye. From a distance, the left panel looks like a depiction of a gunshot through wallpaper. This particular work is titled “Reflect”, which make sense dude to the positioning of the two panels at the corner of the walls in the art gallery. Most of her artwork is “unconventional” in the sense that they instill a great sense of creativity. Her artwork is meant to represent (in a very symbolic manner) portions of her human experiences, and since human experiences are full of blemishes, she also represents this idea with her art rather than concealing them with an aesthetically pleasing work in the conventional sense.  There are many elements being played out with these art works: she hints towards architecture, psychological atmosphere, and theatricality. She combines such elements in her art works in order to evoke emotions that are associated with aspects of life, such as home, work, and motherhood. She hopes to embrace both the positive and negative results of such outside influences on the individual psyche, which includes societal pressures such as established gender roles and the need to get married. On a more personal note, Alanna Marcelltti is a person who follows her artistic passions and does not limit herself by hesitation with experimentation. This is obvious upon observing the “Cocoon” hanging near the furthest gatov-west wall, which is acrylic and wire in tulle. Although the piece is simplistic in nature, it was one of the art pieces that evoked many questions and speculation.

Classmate Interview: Ngoc Pham


I had the great pleasure of talking with Ngoc some time ago. (two weeks ago?) Here’s some basic things I learned about Ngoc: She lives in Newport and commutes to school daily (she has classes outside of CSULB so that’s interesting), and is a first year college student like myself. Ngoc is a little conflicted about her major, it seems: currently, she is a communications major, which she chose because she enjoys social interaction very much. However, she is looking into the medical field as there are also exciting but more lucrative opportunities with such a path. Speaking to Ngoc gave me the impression that she is a very busy person. She works (but doesn’t get paid) at some sort of car dealership and she also mentioned that she travels every weekend out-of-state: how she manages such a hectic weekly schedule- I’ll never know. Ngoc was also planning to study in foreign schools, specifically in Australia. However, she ended up staying close to home. I felt that Ngoc was a very free-spirited individual based on these facts: she seems to have a burning desire to see new places and find new experiences…I hope she doesn’t feel too “trapped” in sunny California. When Ngoc is not traveling all over the place, her favorite hobby is surfing, which is fairly hefty on the badass scale since I know for a fact that surfing is not as easy as it looks.

I was very surprised to hear facts about Ngoc’s family: it’s a fairly large one. She has 6 other siblings: an older brother and 5 other sisters. Get this: they ALL live outside the state of California with the exception of one. They also live at completely different corners of the world: such as the UK, Australia, etc etc.

I found it funny how Ngoc took this class thinking that it was going to be strictly some sort of painting/drawing class. I wonder if she is disappointed with what she the actual class content?

In conclusion: I found Ngoc very easy to talk to as we continued with the interview. I was able to share a number of the more “personal” facts about myself on account of her being a very kind and well-spoken person. I can see why she contemplated being a communications major: I’ll even admit it was my fault for making the interview awkward at moments when I wasn’t able to think of anything interesting to say. I’ll end the blog with this: Thank you, Ngoc, for putting up with my dull self during this particular week of art 110 interviews. Thank you for being interesting and understanding. You appear to be a bright individual, and I wish for nothing less than the best of outcomes in whatever you choose to do with your life. I’m sure you’ll find everything you are searching for.


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