Week 6 Activity: Yarn Bombing


FA2 Visit: There were a number of interesting and unique pieces: many with complex patterns.

SAM_0317 SAM_0308

Maybe try to find some fiber around the house and make a sculptural configuration with it. Play with fiber!

How I set about completing this task:

A great number of people chose to put fiber on trees. I contemplated this too, but I felt that doing such an act on a public tree would warrant unwanted attention and resentment. I thought about doing it on one of the trees in my backyard (since no one else thought of that…sarcasm) but opted out since the trees in my backyard are too frail and fragile…and my parents hold their plants in great value.

If it isn’t obvious from the pictures below, I can’t knit to save my life. I tried a YouTube video titled, “How to Knit – Absolute Beginner Knitting, Lesson 1“, but did not have the patience for it. Reminds me of how I couldn’t learn how to sew a button through YouTube…seems simple, but I’m just incompetent at these sorts of things.

Anyways, I scouted out my living room this evening and noticed a friend’s netbook on the couch. If you haven’t gotten the memo: a netbook is basically a miniature laptop of sorts. It doesn’t have the functionality of a full size laptop and also does not have the portability and practicality of a tablet/I-Pad. In simpler terms, it’s crap. I chose to yarn bomb this netbook as I am an opportunist: killing two birds with one stone. I could be an annoyance to someone else while finishing my art 110 activity. That’s two things I completed from my weekly schedule.

Here’s how it went:


^That’s the before picture, you show you that I’m not kidding around.


Here’s my finished piece. It is held up through a series of complex ties (I did whatever it took to keep it difficult to take off) on the backside.

I found this activity to be a little more fun than I thought (although it would have been more skillful to have knitted a netbook sleeve of sorts). It took me quite a while (1.5 hours?) and I quite enjoyed how my yarn was made up of these neon bright colors.

How does my yarn bombing experience compare with my graffiti writing experience? I feel that the act of yarn bombing takes a lot more finesse than just graffiti painting, mainly because with graffiti, you can get away with careless spray-painting. But with yarn bombing it takes a little more thought: how am I going to get this yarn on this object in an aesthetically pleasing manner…hell, how do I even learn how to knit???

Is there anything masculine or aggressive about bombing with paint? Is there anything feminine or nurturing about bombing with yarn? Or are those just invalid gender stereotypes?

In essence, I believe that yarn bombing and paint bombing hold neither feminine nor masculine qualities. I simply don’t readily associate graffiti with gangsters or yarn with house wives and small girls. What I see from both of these actions are people who don’t give a crap and will stop at nothing in expressing their artistic tendencies. I personally would not be caught dead doing either paint-bombing or yarn-bombing in public because of the attention it creates towards me. People who are active in these activities don’t have this type of fear and will readily express themselves in public. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing: people doing out-of-norm things makes the world a much more interesting place to behold.


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