Week 5 Conversations(Artist + Classmate)

Artist: Work Hardened

Introduction(given on the art 110 website): The Metals group show features a variety of student work utilizing copper, brass, silver, steel and found objects.

I was quite relieved to find a unique art form available for viewing on this particular week. Although paintings is a visually pleasing medium form of art, I’d be much more excited seeing craftsmanship from a different and creative standpoint. I was also drawn to the idea that the works would be made out of metals, as I assume that there are a number of complications in forming works of art using metal.

I arrived to the Gatov east with notebook in paw, ready to take in as much information as I could. However, found that I was very observant of details- much more than usual. I also found out why this particular exhibit didn’t have a specific name attached to it on the website: it was more like a group showcase, so there were different artists involved with different pieces. The works varied from large pieces to small but astonishingly detailed pieces.


There were some very interesting items such as miniature t.vs and water towers, and I am sure the detail put into those pieces were painstakingly difficult. However, my most favorite piece of all was the chess piece (see thumbnail/featured image). The bronze and aluminum chess pieces were well done but I was most fascinated by the actual “board”. Closer examination will show you that the board is made of sand…white and black sand, to be specific. I felt that this had to be in a pain in the ass to finish so perfectly but it is worth the effort because the end result is a fascinating piece of art that brought up many questions about its creation.

Classmate Conversation: Khoi Nguyen (https://sktfaker.wordpress.com/)

Screenshot (31)

(*Yes, I failed to get a proper picture of Mr. Khoi Nguyen as my phone died Thursday. I will update this post promptly when I am capable of fixing it).

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Khoi Nguyen, a fellow Viet. He presents himself as a “generic” Asian, but I found him to be very funny and easy to talk to. He is a first year student here at CSULB, and is studying the field of civil Engineering. I commend him on such an effort because I also have some sort of a desire to do engineering. Anyways, I asked him where he is from and he responded with Westminster, much to my amusement. (There are so many Vietnamese people from Westminster that I have a habit of asking other Viets if they come from there). Khoi is also a gamer, and enjoys “League of Legends” the most. I found it interesting that he also wants to become a PRO-gamer, and was quick to tell me that professional gamers can actually be ballers and make lots of money. I bid him good luck on this endeavor…maybe he’ll have the hard decision of choosing between playing games late or studying late? During his free time, Khoi hangs out with friends and takes naps. He has many tastes when it comes to his favorite music: he likes dupstep, edm, jazz, and classical music. Finally, he also has a passion for art. He seems to have great love for drawing, stating that he often likes to paint or use scratch boards. Khoi was easy to approach and I was immediately able to joke around with him shortly after meeting him. I wish him good luck with the rest of his time at CSULB.


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