Week 5 Activity: Kickstarter Pitch

Objective: Discover Kickstarter projects and find the good and bad pitch videos from two categories of my liking.

Kickstarter Category: Technology

I stumbled across two projects in the technology category that were hoping to further develop 3D-Printing technology. This kind of stuff catches my eye because I am obsessed with 3D-Printers and the new possibilities that they bring to the consumer world. A disclaimer: I did not find a project idea that was absurdly bad in the technology category. Almost all technological pieces start out with a good idea: the real issue is with how the production was executed. Without a tangible item for me to observe, it is difficult to determine which projects will “flop”. Instead, I will be pointing out negatives/positives from each pitch video, as neither one is without flaws.


The first project: Rhino Industrial Grade 3D Printer. The Pros: this pitch video will probably only appeal to those who are genuinely interested with the build quality of the said product. The creator of the product makes an introduction and gets straight into the technical aspect of the 3D Printer. He goes into detail about the materials being made and his reasoning behind using a specific material. He also mentions how the print area’s temperature will be regulated as well as the durability of certain components. At the end of the pitch, he gives a sample of a 3D-Printed object using the printer. Overall, I found his video straight to the point about his objective: to provide the end user with an industrial grade printer that was not astronomically expensive. It seems that he has succeeded in this.

The only issue (small one) with the pitch video is that the quality of the video production is to be honest, quite poor. This is quite forgivable but falls behind when compared to the other pitch videos given by competing 3D printer projects, as I will show. Also, the narrator of the pitch video has a monotone voice that could easily put people to sleep if the video went on for too long.


Here we have the Root GP3D printer. The pitch video is quite good: we are introduced to the project leader, and he clearly shows passion and drive for the project at hand. He goes over the work and effort that was previously put into making his product come to life. We also hear input from other project members, which gives the impression that there are numerous people working diligently on the development and distribution of the printer.

However, in doing this the pitch video strayed a bit too far from the product they were trying to introduce. I barely saw the final product that was being envisioned and did not even get to see its capabilities. This pitch video is quite a polar opposite when compared to the previous pitch video. Blending the good characteristics from both of these project videos would have made the perfect pitch.

Kickstarter Category: Fashion (Wallets) 


I really, really liked this particular pitch video. First of all it was short: they only showed what we wanted to show: the product and what it does. In essence, they like the product speak for itself, which implies confidence. People with a short attention span should have no problem with this pitch video. Overall the whole pitch video demonstrated the capability and functionality of the smart wallet in a good production value video. Can’t complain about this one.


Screenshot (30)

Minimalist Wallets. This one is called “Simple Wallet- The Super Slim Wallet”.

I’ll be honest: before this activity week, I frequented the kickstarter website for a WALLET. I’ve been spending YEARS trying to replace my wallet: I need something that holds a lot, but is comfortable and sleek-looking. My belief is that finding this perfect wallet(for me) is like finding the perfect partner. You can date MILLIONS of people and not still find the “right person”. I’ve been looking at wallets and found nothing that pleases me enough to keep using it.

Anyways, kickstarter is full of these damn Minimalist Wallets. Nothing against minimalist people, but WOW, the pitch videos for minimalist wallets are usually crap. 99 percent of kickstarter projects involving minimalist wallets are DOING IT WRONG. Specifically, they are advertising the product in the most pathetic way possible.

First of all, let’s talk about the product itself: you’ll laugh when you see some of these minimalist wallets on Kickstarter. Most of them are literally a single piece of leather/metal with a single strap across it. WHY in the hell is this crap even on Kickstarter? I could build my own wallet at home and achieve the same level of innovation and usability!

Second pet peeve: these pitch videos advertise their wallets to be “slimmer” than the conventional wallets by a wide margin. I’m just sitting here like “WTF man…of course your wallet will be slimmer…you made a wallet so tiny that I won’t be able to fit sh*t inside it”. No real man would want to severely limit what he can put into his wallet. A real baller needs plenty of space for his huge wad of cash. For the minimalist wallet makers out there: you’re actually making wallets for people who carry next to NOTHING and wouldn’t need a wallet in the first place…NOT to replace a conventional wallet.

Anyways, the “Simple Wallet” kickstarter pitch video above has some fatal flaws: one of them being that he used some dumbass animation during most of his pitch. It’s cool, but pointless and doesn’t actually show me the product and how the materials look. In fact, (here is the next flaw) it seems like he was hiding the wallet from us in the pitch video. I know absolutely nothing about how the wallet functions on top of not really knowing how it looks like, or how it fits in the hands/pockets.

Minimalist wallet makers….TRY HARDER.


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