Week 4 Activity: Show thingy

How I went about this activity, my thoughts (as of Sunday):

Finding the definition of performance art: an art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance. 

So I perceived this week’s activity as one where I needed to find my own expression of performance art in picture form.

Here was my first plan(would have been the best plan):


I live a few blocks from a small park which was basically integrated into a large neighborhood but was parallel to a major public street. I was hoping to climb ONTO the Paul Revere statue above (sitting like a passenger on the horse)…and in essence be able to share in the awesomeness that is the midnight ride of Paul Revere… this would have been a great shot. I’m so far hesitant in this endeavor as there is literally the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station adjacent from this location…getting detained by law enforcement because of art 110 class is not enough street cred for me.

*I will, however, end up updating this portion of the post if it turns out I can easily get away with it.

Here is how I spent the rest of the week, however:


This is the result of a *very* minor lowside crash (if you could even call it that) on my quest to start canyon carving. I took out my Kawasaki Ninja 250cc on Friday and paid the price for sucking. I only had crappy GoPro Hero2 footage at the time…I’ll consider this performance art as it is plenty artistic and plenty dramatic. The only thing that hurt was my pride and most of the side fairings on the bike…replacing those don’t come cheap so my wallet isn’t happy either.


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