Week 3: Activity (Instagram)

My Overall impressions of the Instagram Activity/Project thing

Screenshot (25)

Situation of week 3: My task was to post pictures of where-ever I am throughout the 24 hour day. I had to then add the hashtag(#) art110s15 on these photos. Afterwards, I would have to look at the class’s “group portrait” and make an assessment.

My Assessment:

I was quite interesting looking through the other posts that my classmates had made for this particular project. I’m not too big on selfies, so I was disconnected to those kinds of people in some sense. However, there were plenty of other people that had very similar posts in comparison to my own. The first kind of common picture are food pictures. I had Pho in particular (the best), but it was very interesting seeing what other foods people were into. It seems that food has a strong cultural connection, and you can tell a lot about a person’s background by what food they have from time to time.

Another common type of photo were the car-driving posts. I’m pretty big on cars: nothing much changed that symbolized my transition to adulthood, except for my CAR. Not having a car in the modern era is the same thing is being handicapped and crippled. I used to walk EVERYWHERE during my pre-college years, so I treat my car the same way I would treat a new born. It’s pretty much why I chose to post a picture of my CSULB commute. We all know that person that posts a million baby pictures a day..I’m the same way..just with cars.

Definitely the most memorable part of this project was looking through the #art110s15 posts and then finding out that someone else had the exact same car that I have. Same kind of picture too. It’s somewhere in the screen capture below:

Screenshot (24)


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