Week 2: Activity

Graffiti Work Shenanigans (Week 2)


This particular activity-project thing involves spray painting a name in bubble letter format.

How I set about completing this task: First step was stopping by WalMart and picking the cheapest possible spray paint I could find. (Not like I was planning to pick up a career of tagging afterwards).

Since credit was being offered for artwork on cardboard, I chose this alternative as it is also the most cost effective.

With the help of a classmate, we set about our spray painting task.

Here’s the result:


I also have a number of disclaimers for this masterpiece.

1. It has similarities to another classmate’s piece because I worked on it with her as a pair.

2. An exaggerated bubble format was not feasible as my name has too many letters…combine this with the limited surface area of the cardboard and it will be apparent that this artwork is pretty damn good.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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